Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our First Post

So! Here you are on the bright and shiny very first post on the very first day of Ferratio! Aren't you proud?

You have no clue what Ferratio means, do you? Don't worry; I have faith in you--you'll figure it out.

At any rate, do you know what Ferratio is for? It's like this. This is a blog where writers will be invited to post about issues in the industry that affect--or traumatize--us. I'm not talking about the normal rants of querying and submission and writing, but the societal issues that impact our craft and our profession. For us, that means starting with the hot topic buttons of writing. Guest bloggers can provide links to their sites and/or personal blogs (all links subject to Ferratio approval, naturally) if they so choose. If you're here on this very first day, of course, it shouldn't be hard to track the idiot doing the blogsite work at midnight, should it?

Join in. If you want to blog, email us or leave us a comment. If you have links or a post idea you think we should look at, let us know. By all means, let us initiate Ferratio with all of the gusto we possibly can.

Hope you all enjoy. I'll try to kick this off with a fun post in the morning and round up some folks to pop in and offer their two cents' worth. Should be fun. And if you have a spare moment, you might want to check out this fabulous and wonderful opportunity to help our ferret friends.

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